Why businesses choose Lamden

Blockchain application development is unnecessarily hard, partially because of how new the technology is, but also because of certain imposed limitations on the current status quo of how blockchains are used today. Lamden’s package of unique development tools aims to fix current problems and make blockchain technology accessible to businesses and developers alike. Lamden’s unique developer kit includes tools for blockchain generation, decentralized package management, and independent chain-to-chain communication to create vast networks of blockchain applications that can transfer any asset across them.

Blockchain made easy

What does Lamden bring to the blockchain world?

Every blockchain is compatible through Clove

Thanks to the interoperability provided by Clove, the Lamden suite answers the puzzle posed from the early days of blockchain existence: how do we get different blockchains to interact with each other? Using Clove’s state-of-the-art atomic swap protocol, incompatible blockchains will become a problem of the past. The implications of these atomic swaps not only allow for interoperability in a designated private blockchain network, but in fact creates interoperability between virtually any pair of blockchains that Clove is programmed to handle.

Our tools make blockchain development faster and more affordable

Perhaps the largest barrier-to-entry in the blockchain world is the amount of time and effort it currently takes to create a functional blockchain that meets the exact needs of its users, let alone a network of such chains. Lamden seeks to streamline the blockchain building process so that it becomes a much more viable option for enterprises, thanks to reduced time and technical skills required to set-up, ultimately saving vast amounts of time and money.

Private chains allow businesses to keep their data secret

Isn’t the point of blockchain to be public? Well, that is the earliest and most well-known function of blockchains today, but as it becomes a more widespread technology, so does the amount of real-world applications. We at Lamden believe that businesses can benefit from having a localized blockchain set-up to store and manage whichever data or electronic assets they find convenient. This data may be sensitive, copyrighted, or patented, only to be shared with select parties. Businesses may choose to keep their chains completely private, or they may prefer to have them partially validated through trusted third-party auditors. Lamden’s blockchain ecosystem can ensure their data stays within their private chains, with the exception of the select data or assets they choose to share through Clove’s interoperability function.

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Lamden is specifically designed to address the most common problems hindering blockchain development.

Who is Lamden for?

Big business

The Lamden suite is the prime choice for all horizontally integrated companies looking to expand stages of the supply chain and exploit economies of scale. It is also the best solution for financial service providers looking to expand their aims by implementing interoperability with dozens of blockchain protocols, entering a growing market. Lamden is a perfect fit for anywhere reliability is the priority, by means of a decentralized and permissioned protocol achieving state-of-the-art uptime and eliminating redundancy.

Small business

Perhaps some large corporations can manage to build usable blockchain systems through long and expensive R&D initiatives, but current blockchain options are not a viable solution for most small businesses, due to high development costs, even if they would greatly benefit their particular trade. Lamden’s out-of-the-box developer tools will allow businesses of any size to deploy their own blockchain apps, at minimal time and cost.

Any Developer

Whether you’re a amateur hobbyist with a curiosity for blockchain or you’re an experienced developer working on your first blockchain project, Lamden’s developer tools make it easy to get up and running with your first blockchain app, from concept to build, as quickly as possible.

Token details

Read about the features of the Lamden Tau, the token that gives you access to the world’s first complete ecosystem of blockchain development tools.

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