Bug Bounty Program

Here at Lamden we are committed to rewarding external contributors that help keep our users safe. If at any point you encounter a bug in any of our numerous projects and repositories, please submit a bug report via one of the GitHub links below. If you would like to submit a report about a system or repository not covered by the below links, please send an email to [email protected] following the below submission guidelines. If your submission is verified we will compensate you in TAU based on the value added to the Lamden ecosystem. If you have multiple issues to submit, please send them separately.

Submission Guidelines

  • Provide a description of the issue
  • Provide clear and concise steps to reproduce the issue
  • Collect and attach any relevant logs
  • Describe a reproducible test case, if available
  • Provide screenshots and/or a video showing the issue if applicable
  • Provide Operating System (OS), browser versions if applicable
  • Add any additional information you believe may be relevant to helping us solve the issue

GitHub Submission Links

Qualification Process

Our team will review your submission and attempt to reproduce it. If it is reproducible and provides clear, lasting benefit to the Lamden ecosystem, we will reach out letting you know if your submission has been verified. If verified, we will coordinate a TAU payout to your wallet equal to what we determine to be the value added to the Lamden ecosystem.