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Lamden is the performant Python-Based blockchain platform that makes using and creating the next generation of dApps easy for everyone. With distributed governance and rewards for smart contract developers, Lamden democratises access to the blockchain.

An Open Source Blockchain built on Python.

Lamden is an open-source collaboration led by Lamden Sàrl, and powered by the Lamden Community.

With Lamden, everything is open-source. You can re-use functionality that others have built into their smart contracts. This means you can build smart contracts faster with Lamden.

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Lamden for Developers

Rocketswap UI
Featured dApp: Rocketswap on the Lamden Blockchain

Blockchain Development Simplified

Building Smart Contracts on Lamden is as easy as building any other app with Python. You really can get started building on Lamden in Minutes.

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