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To use Lamden dApps and participate in the Lamden Ecosystem, you’ll need a wallet and some TAU. 

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Rocketswap Logo


Trade on Lamden’s Decentralised Automated Market Maker.

UDW Logo

Underground Warriors

Underground Warriors is a Lamden NFT Fighting Game. Season 1 Burning Soul releasing soon.

Lamden Paint Logo

Lamden Paint

Collaboratively Paint across the blockchain in near-realtime with Lamden Paint.

Soccer Lamdenship Logo

Soccer Lamdenship

Soccer Lamdenship is a skills-based game integrated in the network for the generation of transactions, prizes, items and more..

zombie survival logo

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival game for TAU rewards.

Looking for more? More apps are listed on the TauHQ Community Website. (Not Affiliated with Lamden)