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Download the Lamden Wallet

The first step to using Lamden is downloading the The Lamden Wallet, which you can do here.
Rocketswap Logo

RocketSwap - ETH/TAU

Rocketswap is a decentralized exchange running on Lamden. To acquire TAU on Rocketswap.Exchange you can use to bridge your assets to your Lamden Wallet. You can find a wallet guide here and a bridging guide here.


Pancakeswap - WBNB/(wrapped) TAU

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)’s Pancakeswap offers a BNB/wrapped TAU pair. You can unwrap your BSC wrapped TAU using


Big.One - USDT/TAU

Big.One centralized exchange offers a USDT/TAU pair for mainnet TAU.

TxBit Logo

TxBit - ETH/TAU centralized exchange offers a ETH/TAU pair for mainnet TAU.