What's Lamden

Lamden is the performant Python-Based blockchain platform that makes using and creating the next generation of dApps easy for everyone. With distributed governance and rewards for smart contract developers, Lamden democratises access to the blockchain.

What's a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a shared public ledger that keeps a record of all transactions on the Lamden Network. All new confirmed transactions are included in Lamden’s blockchain.

The Lamden Blockchain is what’s used to prove your balance and interacting with the blockchain using your Wallet Keys allows you to send transactions to be confirmed on the Lamden Blockchain.

What makes Lamden different to Bitcoin?

Lamden is not mined to generate blocks for the blockchain like Bitcoin is. Blocks are generated by network participants known as delegates and masternodes, who manage the work for the network — and are voted in and out by the network.

This means that Lamden is efficient and transactions are final within about a second, not hours like with Bitcoin.

What makes Lamden different to Ethereum?

Smart Contracts on Lamden are simple scripts written in Python, this lowers the barrier to entry for new blockchain developers allowing people to start building Apps for Lamden in minutes, not weeks. If you know Python, you’re 99% the way there.

Ethereum currently utilises proof of work, while Lamden works on a delegated Proof of Stake system where the network is regulated by participants voting. 

More Information

This is a short summary for new users, if you want to learn more about the architecture of Lamden. The documentation is available on the Lamden for Developers website, you can also take a deep dive into the code on Github.