What's TAU

TAU is the currency that powers the Lamden Blockchain. It allows you to pay for transactions — which can include interactions with Lamden Apps, Currency Transactions and more.


TAU on the Lamden Blockchain is a superfast and affordable way of transfering value across the internet. Transaction times of under a second, and current fees for transactions of less than 0.6 TAU allows Lamden to be the value transfer network of choice for many.

What are Stamps

Stamps are the units that pay for transactions and processing power on the Lamden Network. It is similar to Ethereum’s Gas, except that the price for Stamps is fixed by the network. Stamp prices can only change with a vote by the community of Masternodes/Delegates.

Currently there are 36 Stamps to a TAU. Currency transactions always cost 19 Stamps. No more gas stations, No more calculators to know exactly what your transaction will cost. 


How can I get TAU

You can buy Lamden TAU from an exchange, or by being paid by someone in Lamden TAU. 

What if I have erc20 TAU?

To use your erc20 TAU on the Lamden Mainnet, you need to perform the token swap