Lamden 2021 Roadmap

by Stuart Farmer, CEO.
Wanderer above the Sea of Fog — Caspar David Friedrich 1818

To keep our developers and users informed, we want to share our 2021 roadmap.

The roadmap consists of three priorities. There are:
1. Treasury Management / Financial Market Integration
2. Deep Decentralization Efforts
3. Improved Onboarding Experience

Treasury Management / Financial Market Integration

This is my current responsibility and priority for this year. Our development efforts have been successfully delegated to others so that we can scale that initiative without my involvement.

This priority centers around creating a system where funding is continuous without the direct ‘businessification’ of the product. One of the largest problems with open-source software is creating a monetization model. Rather than fighting against the flow of water, so to speak, we are looking more into working with financial managers, planners, etc. to use the current runway we have in smart ways to give us a yearly budget in which to play.

Working with innovative financial planners and thought leaders is allowing us to foster deeper relationships inside of the financial industry. One of the most important things for cryptocurrency to accomplish is the democratization of finance. You’re seeing this now with the GameStop fiasco.

Things such as DEXs and decentralized ledgers solve this problem. By having a seat at the table, Lamden is able to influence the perception of cryptocurrency to those who currently hold the chips. We want to form partnerships with those people who believe in new technology and are current inside of the financial sector.

Deep Decentralisation Efforts

Our current architecture allows for traditional DPOS style decentralization, which is generally capped to an upper max of 100 nodes before there is a performance decay.

However, our community has voiced that they would like to see larger decentralization efforts for a more inclusive network experience. We agree and so we are looking at solutions to scale the network up to as many nodes as possible. Our goal would be to provide a networking architecture that allows for unlimited scaling of processing nodes so that we can then strive to get 1,000 of our community members online running nodes rather than just 10% of that.

We are currently looking at Shardus as a potential solution, but have hit certain negotiation snags around the status of their open-source status. Shardus is still in development and they are reluctant to open-source the code until it is ready. We want to finish our decentralization efforts as soon as possible, so this unknown is a potential issue. We are still in contact with Shardus and when they are ready, we can pick up where we left off. In the meantime, we will be moving forward with our current plan.

The main and immediate deliverable is simply getting the current architecture to 100 nodes. If there is more demand after that, we will invest more resources into the deeper decentralization efforts. If not, we can allow the network to run as it is even if we think that a different architecture could scale it more efficiently later on.

Improved Onboarding Experience

Lastly, we will be optimizing our onboarding experience. We are working with a community member who has stepped up to the plate and demonstrated great skill and ability to optimize conversion rates.

To us, conversions are apps being developed by people and apps being used on Lamden. This means that we will be focusing on streamlining our marketing material such as the website, the documentation, and the online material so that developers know that they can rely on a stable and centralized repository of information that supports them in their efforts to launch on Lamden.

On the other end, we want to close the cryptocurrency onboarding loop so that it feels more like an in-app currency such as Robux rather than a cryptocurrency. Many people are enamored with the idea of a decentralized platform but are not interested in the nuts and bolts. They want to experience the derivative media (applications) rather than understand how the engine is running under the hood.

This means that we will be working with our community on efforts such as Rocketswap and stable coins so that users can be onboarded in a familiar fashion as they are doing with their everyday online purchases.

If you have any questions, please contact us in our Telegram group: