Download Lamden Wallet

A Lamden Wallet gives you access to your funds and lets you interact with Lamden Apps.

What's a Lamden Wallet?

Lamden Wallets are apps that allow you to manage, store and send your TAU and other tokens that exist on the Lamden Ecosystem. They also let you interact with Lamden Applications on the web.

Lamden Wallets allow you to manage and store TAU and other tokens that exist on in Lamden Ecosystem.

While your wallet exists in the clouds, the keys to access your wallet are stored in your wallet application. So you’ll need to keep a backup of the keys, so that if anything ever happens to your computer, you can restore access to your wallet easily.

The Companies that make wallets don’t have custody of your funds, only the person with the keys to the wallet can access the funds and make transactions.

Official Wallet

Built by Lamden for power and ease of use.

Lamden Wallet for Chrome, Edge and Brave

Download the official Lamden Wallet application for Chrome, Edge and Brave.

Unofficial Wallets

Applications built by the community to help you manage your Lamden TAU.

My Lamden Wallet

Store your keys on paper, and interact with the wallet as you need to with the My Lamden Wallet webapp. Ideal for people who want to store their keys in a safe and only interact with large amounts of Lamden TAU on an as-needed basis.