Meet Our Team

Stuart Farmer

Leadership & Execution

Stuart has been a creative developer all of his life and introduced to the blockchain world in 2010. After seeing the massive inefficiencies in the current distributed systems landscape and frustrations with the current offerings, he decided to embark on a path to produce the next great piece of software that would be ubiquitously used in the next generation of financial technologies.

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Raghu Chalasani

Senior System Architect

Raghu has developed distributed systems since before blockchain was a concept. In 2002, he worked on grid computing clusters to optimize CPU hardware through intense algorithms that required high performance computing technology. He now brings over a decade of experience to the blockchain world creating new innovations such as Lamden's parallel block execution model that is responsible for our high throughput.

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Tejas Dave

Senior Software Engineer

Tejas comes from a deep background of distributed and fault tolerant file systems that are used for enterprise applications in data centers. Through his advanced knowledge, Tejas has developed one of the first blockchain sharding algorithms that clusters the storage of nodes together in a trustless way reducing the storage requirements for full nodes by 87.5%.

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Alex Butenko

Business Process Engineer

Alex has been practicing in many areas focusing on finance and operational excellence. He has huge experience streamlining and reengineering complex business processes for the largest Eastern-European financial company. After realizing the huge opportunities of blockchain technology, he seeks to benefit people investing in crypto and companies from all industries. Alex has a PhD in economics and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

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Jason Yoakam

Marketing Manager

Jason is a digital marketing professional with a focus on marketing automation. He is the founder of a small-shop agency, Reach Digital, that has helped a number of small businesses successfully take the leap from concept to brand to sales. Additionally, Jason has acted as a consultant to notable marketing agencies working for a number of multi-million dollar companies. With the advent of the crypto scene, Jason now specializes in marketing blockchain technologies.

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Jeff Scott

Blockchain Software Engineer

Jeff's real passion is delivering products that people use and interact with. Jeff sees the lack of usable blockchain applications as real opportunity for Lamden and is excited to create those experiences. Along with this, Jeff Scott also provides an interface between Lamden's community and the core team.

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Andy Phillips

User Experience Specialist

Andy has a passion for creating original and inspired user experiences. He has spent the last decade building intuitive, customer-first designs for national brands. He is relentless in the goal of adding value to any product and creating a first-rate user experience.

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