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No jargon. No politics. Just a simple developer experience to help you build and generate revenue from blockchain powered smart apps.

Generate a Revenue Stream

A Brand New Blockchain that Solves Everything

Lamden is a brand new blockchain that was made solely based on improving the developer's experience. Our code is 100% written from scratch to make sure that all aspects are designed with ease of use in mind.

Faster Transactions

Our blockchain is reactive which means transactions are processed as soon as they are submitted. No more waiting for blocks to be minted or mined. Transactions are generally completed between 400ms and 1 second.

Smarter Smart Contracts

No more weird languages like Solidity. Our smart contracts are 100% Python, the fastest growing language in the world. It is so much easier to work with our smart contracts, that dApps written on Ethereum can be developed on Lamden 4-5x faster.

Lower Fees

Our community-owned network has it's own consensus model that takes the benefits of dPoS and reduces the risk of collusion. Nodes have a fixed stake and have equal power to each other. Community members can vote nodes out if they are bad actors.

Focus on what's important

Like a builder uses a hammer, the tools you use to develop should only be a means to creating a new product. Not only did we choose Python, we designed the system 'for Humans' and takes a page from other brilliantly designed systems.

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Lamden supports your craft

Developers receive 90% of all transaction fees that are processed through their smart contracts. This allows you to generate revenue automatically from any application you build with us without adding a backend or payment processing.

  • Payouts are in our native cryptocurrency Tau.

  • Rewards are automatically updated in your Lamden Wallet.

  • The most popular applications get the most rewards.

Build an Idea. Generate Revenue.

Everything is easier with Lamden

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Swap your ERC-20 TAU tokens over to mainnet by following the instructions here.

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