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Leverage the practicalities of a distributed ledger: auditable transaction logs, unique and tradable assets, consortium chains with other market participants, without the long-winded nonsense you've used before. Focus on building. Focus on saving money. Focus on finding efficiencies.

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Develop on top of the most practically performant protocol written entirely in the easy to use Python programming language.

High Performance

We claim 2600 transactions per second per core, which in high performant systems can be scaled 4x to 12x depending on the hardware used. This level of throughput combined with our rich smart contracting system and fault tolerance allows complex financial systems and networks to be developed in fractions of the time of previous generations of technology.

Smart Contracts

Python is the fastest growing programming language in the world and the top choice of scientists, machine learning experts, and researchers alike for its easy, expressive language that retains a high level of robustness. We leverage Python in our smart contracting language so that developers can quickly pick up our APIs and start developing new systems.

Open Source

We are committed to the open source community and offer our high-grade software to developers absolutely free. Our revenue comes from expert consulting arrangements and business ventures powered by the exact software we've written.

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