Why developers choose Lamden

Lamden is the solution to many of the fundamental flaws associated with blockchain architecture today. Many existing platforms have critical problems including slow block times, high transaction costs, and hard-to-learn development languages with non-obvious attack vectors. This makes blockchain commercialization and utilization more costly and difficult for companies than other more traditional technologies. Lamden’s full-featured set of development tools changes that, bringing advanced blockchain technology into the hands of experienced and amateur developers alike.

Turing Incomplete language for maximum security

Lamden’s unique smart-contracting language, Seneca, strips out unnecessary feature-bloat and reduces attack vectors, making development a breeze. We’ve honed down blockchain to what we believe is its core functionality: decentralized and trustless database management. Seneca uses a subset of the Python language to make learning easier and development a breeze.

From idea to blockchain in under 15 minutes

Whether you need blockchain for supply-chain management, sensitive document validation, or asset tracking, Saffron makes launching your first blockchain quick and easy. With our easy to use out-of-the-box blockchain deployment tool, you will be able to have a live private blockchain deployed on your servers in minutes, allowing you to focus your efforts on building your app of choice.

150 Swappable currencies Clove will allow users to effortlessly swap between most major cryptocurrencies. The Tau token acts as an intermediary, increasing liquidity and facilitating cross-chain communication.
15 Minutes to launch your very own blockchain Using Saffron, you will be able to quickly concept and deploy your own private chain in a matter of minutes, saving you both time and money in the process.
10000 Transactions per second Lamden's mainnet will use a unique combination of DPoS and BFT, allowing it to support an estimated throughput of 10,000 tps. Including private chains, the scalability of the Lamden network is virtually unlimited.
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The Breakthrough Blockchain Enterprise Suite

Companies trying to use blockchain technology face huge hurdles ranging from hiring or training expensive blockchain developers to the difficulty of deploying their own architecture. Lamden’s development tools will allow developers to streamline the production of enterprise-grade blockchain software: reducing costs and speeding up production.

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Lamden is a suite of developer tools that speed up the process of creating new and custom blockchains and apps.


Saffron is a blockchain-generator that allows businesses and developers to concept and deploy private chains quickly and efficiently. By using pre-built templates with a robust selection of options, Saffron enables custom-blockchain solutions uniquely suited to each project’s specifications.


Clove is a decentralized application that makes atomic swaps between chains easy. Most Bitcoin-based and Ethereum-based chains, including ERC20 tokens, are compatible with the protocol. Clove enables decentralized payment channel swaps and facilitates trustless communication between compatible blockchains on the network.


Flora is a distributed smart contract package manager for Ethereum and other smart contract blockchains. The decentralized package manager allows developers to share commonly used code, greatly reducing development time on often-repeated tasks. Flora models popular and familiar package managers like npm and pip to allow for easier development and a more familiar development workflow. It uses Apache Cassandra as a performant and enterprise grade datastore which allows the contents of the system to be distributed across participants of the Lamden system.


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